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During your vacation, please yourself with small pleasures!

From a relaxing and toning facial massage, to hiking to get to know Leros by land.

But also by sea making a private cruise with the boat “Agios Georgios”!

For the adventurous but also for beginners, see the underwater and incomparable beauties of the seabed of Leros, through diving!


It’s worth getting a…

Rejuvance massage

Rejuvance is a natural, holistic facial massage, done exclusively with the hands on a massage bed. Gentle and therapeutic movements aim to activate connective tissue, elastic fibers and collagen.

The immediate and obvious results of the treatment are the improvement of the natural tone of the skin, the reduction of the wrinkles and the restoration of the elasticity of the face.

Book an appointment now!

We can arrange for a Rejuvance session in your room!


It’s worth walking and getting to know the beauties of Leros.

Irma and Irini are willing to guide you to the most beautiful beaches, to explore the paths of Leros and to learn the history of the island!


It’s worth going on a private cruise with your friends, with the traditional boat “Agios Georgios”.

The traditional trehantiri Agios Georgios, which was a fishing boat (gri-gri) of Leros for many decades, was built in 1960 by the best shipyard of Perama, “Psarou”.

It was rebuilt and renovated to give beautiful moments!

Your cruise includes Greek mezes and drinks.


It’s worth to dive and get to know the underwater beauties of Leros.

Leros hides in its sea the most shipwrecks in the world! Among other things, its seabed is characterized the richest in the Mediterranean.

Discover it, under the guidance of a professional diver. Even if you are a beginner!

Let us know so we can book a place for you!

Contact us via email at lacasadicolori@gmail.com or via phone on (+30) 2247 023341.
Tell us which service you desire and let us please you!

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